The eco friendly alternative to buying bottled water

Although in the UK all mains tap water is safe
to drink, the taste is often unpleasant because
of treatment additives.

Unlike a mineral water bottle, the bottle

is reusable and has a replaceable filter.


the bottle™ Can be used overseas for treated tap water as filter has proven anti-bacterial safeguards.

the bottle™ is easy to use and provides cleaner

tasting water, for over a year's use – filter fresh.


The Bottle - The eco friendly alternative to bottled water
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Protective Dustcap

Prevents dust and dirt from
entering the bottle

Replaceable Filter

Over 1 years use*

Reusable polythene bottle

Bisphenol and phthalate free



refill, ldpe-4, bpa free bottle

The Bottle™ is
re-usable & recyclable

The Bottle is re-usable and recyclable

Unlike a PET mineral water bottle, which you are advised to use once only – the bottle™ is reusable polythene and can be recycled at any approved depot.


For further recycling information please see:

Save on Landfill


the bottle saves on landfill


the bottle™ helps save our environment

Every year in the UK over 13 billion

plastic bottles require disposal, only 20%

of bought mineral water bottles are recycled responsibly, the remaining 80% end up in landfillthe bottle™ eliminates this waste.



Reduce your Carbon Footprint


the bottle helps reduce your carbon footprint


OK we are not perfect either – even we

have to get the bottle™ to you.

Fill the bottle™ from any mains tap and
you also eliminate the costs of extracting mineral water, bottle production and transportation.


the bottle™ - Just ask for a refill wherever you go! The eco friendly alternative to buying bottled water.